Connie—Office Manager
Connie manages the office, the building, the employees, the doctor, and somehow makes it seem easy with a smile. If there are any questions, speak to our office manager, Connie.

Kathy—Treatment Coordinator
Kathy will be one of the first people you meet at Patritto Orthodontics. She works closely with Dr. Dwayne Patritto during your initial appointments to help answer your questions and explain different treatment and payment options.

Our Dental Assistants aids our orthodontist with chairside procedures.

Marcia—Dental Assistant
Marcia has been an orthodontic assistant since 1977 and has been with Patritto Orthodontics from the very start.

Mary—Dental Assistant
Mary joined our team in 2001. She came with several years of prior experience in pediatric dentistry.

Megan—Dental Assistant
Megan has been with Patritto Orthodontics for a year.

Wendy—Front Office Staff & Dental Assistant
Wendy helps manage the front desk and also has been uniquely trained to work chairside with the patients when necessary.

Marissa is one of our newest members at Patritto Orthodontics. She helps to manage the front desk and is also trained as a dental assistant.

Debora—Laboratory Technician
At our in-house lab, Debora makes almost all of our retainers, expanders, and space maintainers. This allows us a more timely delivery of appliances verses sending them out to another location.