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While it is a common assumption that only teens and preteens are eligible for orthodontic treatment, the fact is that receiving orthodontic treatment at a much younger age is more ideal. We encourage parents to bring their children to the orthodontist for treatment by age seven to address orthodontic issues in the early stages.

Around age seven, a child’s mouth is still in the earlier stages of development, making it ideal for orthodontic treatment. At this age, the primary teeth are slowly being replaced by permanent teeth, enabling our orthodontist to predict whether your child will experience developmental problems with their bite that need to be addressed now before they become severe.

There are many orthodontic issues with the bite and tooth alignment that need to receive professional correction. With early treatment, we may be able to spare the use of braces a few years down the road by coaxing the teeth and jaws to develop into a proper function and healthy formation. Receiving treatment only during the teenage years allows the jaw to become strong, complicating the treatment required to provide tooth alignment.

By providing early orthodontics for children, our orthodontist and guide the jaw and tooth development so that your child’s smile doesn’t suffer significant oral complications that would require them to receive braces. We encourage you to take steps now to help your child have healthy and functional teeth for a lifetime.

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