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Even if your child’s primary teeth were nicely aligned, they could still suffer significant alignment issues in the dentition of their permanent teeth. This is even more likely to occur if multiple primary teeth in one area were lost in a short amount of time, or they lost one or more primary teeth to tooth decay.

At the same time misalignments with the permanent teeth might also be attributed to an oral condition or genetics. If one of the parents had misaligned teeth and needed braces, chances are your child might also need orthodontic braces at some point in adolescence.

Sometimes multiple teeth can emerge very close together. As this happens the teeth and their partner’s in the dentition can be at increased risk of suffering a chip, fracture, or dental attrition.

In many cases such as this, the orthodontic specialists at Patritto Orthodontics can correct the alignment of your son or daughter’s teeth by extracting a single tooth, to make room for correcting the adjacent teeth.

Should this prove to be the case, you will need to maintain some basic aftercare measures to prevent complications while their gums continue to heal.  

Try to encourage your son or daughter to chew on the other side of your mouth while their gums are healing. It’s also important not to drink through a straw, as the suction could potentially pull blot clots loose from the extraction site.

Dr. Dwayne Patritto might also provide them with a prescription for pain medication. It will need to be taken as directed and at the appropriate times.

If you are in the Ottumwa, Iowa, area and your child has developed an overcrowding issue with their teeth, you should call 641-682-8143 to schedule a braces consultation with Dr. Dwayne Patritto.