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Braces can not only improve your appearance but they can also contribute to better oral health. At the practice of Patritto Orthodontics located in Ottumwa, Iowa, we work with our patients to help you create a healthier oral environment. Why is this important? When your teeth are out of alignment, issues with your bite and your jaw often arise.

Misalignment of the teeth can cause difficulty with speaking, causing you to feel self-conscious. This can also cause problems with biting and chewing your food. If your teeth don’t properly prepare your food for the stomach, you can experience problems with your digestive system. In addition, alignment issues can cause problems with your jaw and jaw joints, leaving you with jaw pain, headaches, and even earaches.

Poor hygiene is caused by improper cleaning of the teeth and gums, so when you can’t clean your teeth effectively because they are crowded or crooked, you are exposing your smile to tooth decay and gum disease, including gum erosion. Even your tooth enamel is negatively impacted by misaligned teeth, because it can cause irregular wear on the teeth, resulting in uneven wear and making them more open to decay.

With the help of our orthodontist, Dr. Dwayne Patritto, we can help you create the healthy aligned smile you deserve. We invite you to reach out to our team at 641-682-8143 to see how braces can improve your smile and your oral health!