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Are you in need of an orthodontic alignment adjustment? Are your teeth misshapen or improperly rotated? If so, you can straighten your teeth with a set of orthodontic braces. Not only can orthodontic braces fix numerous rotation issues, they can also correct malocclusions, which are also called “bad bites.”

Braces are extremely well suited for straightening smiles and improving self-esteem issues. Oftentimes, a smile out of alignment can lead to a negative self-image and even depression. However, braces can correct your imperfect smile and give you a smile makeover that will leave you confident and healthier. Not only will your smile look better, but it will also function better too.

A straighter smile can improve your eating and speaking skills, especially if it is your incisors that are out of alignment. Straighter smiles are also healthier as they are easier to clean and less likely to have hidden bacteria in hard to reach places. If your teeth are in the proper alignment, your risk is lowered for your teeth grinding together and causing damage, including potential chips and fractures.

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