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Your braces are designed to gradually realign your teeth by applying progressive tension to the periodontal ligaments that anchor your teeth in their sockets. This is done through the course of routine adjustment sessions at Patritto Orthodontics. If you miss or postpone an appointment, it will likely increase the total amount of time it takes to achieve your new smile.

Each adjustment appointment will involve an inspection of the braces hardware. Spacers, bands or any other piece of hardware that has suffered some wear and tear will also be replaced. It’s not uncommon for a spacer to come loose right before a scheduled adjustment session. If this happens, you should let your orthodontist, Dr. Dwayne Patritto, know so he can plan to replace it. This often involves setting up an earlier adjustment appointment.

Otherwise, you should expect to have an adjustment appointment every four to six weeks or as needed.

The adjustment appointment is also a good opportunity to update any oral hygiene issues. If you’ve been struggling to clean in and around a particular piece of braces hardware, you should ask Dr. Dwayne Patritto for further advice. This might include using interdental brushes, a floss threader or an oral irrigator to clean a hard-to-reach place.

If you are due for your next routine adjustment or if you have questions about your braces in Ottumwa, Iowa, please call 641-682-8143 to schedule an appointment at Patritto Orthodontics.