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After your braces have straightened your smile, you want to enjoy your new smile for as long as possible. Dr. Dwayne Patritto can make a customized retainer for you that will make sure your smile stays straight and doesn’t try to pull your teeth to where they were before your braces.

After the braces have realigned your teeth, the periodontal ligaments holding your teeth in your mouth will want to pull your teeth back to where they were before. The retainer our orthodontist will make for you will help to counteract that pull. Wearing the retainer until the tension is gone will help you smile stay straight for years to come.

As the retainer helps the ligaments anchoring your teeth relax, it might become necessary to change how long you wear your braces each day and what time of day you wear them. Most patients need to wear their retainers about the same length of time they had their braces for.

For the first few days after you start wearing a retainer, your mouth might salivate more. This is natural and to be expected. After a while, your mouth will adapt and your saliva production will return to normal.

If your braces are about to be removed, and you have questions about retainers, you can call Patritto Orthodontics’s office in Ottumwa, Iowa at 641-682-8143 for a consultation.